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Truth bomb time: I don’t love myself anywhere near like I love my kids. And there is something very, very wrong with that.

I know I am not the only one.

It is well known that self-love is missing from our lives so how do we begin to invite it back in? How do we fall in love with ourselves all over again? How do we set about loving ourselves no matter what?

We must treat loving ourselves as a verb not a noun, an action we need to take. A daily practice. We can’t move through life and just…

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When the pandemic hit, the goals I set for 2020 evaporated. Between writers block, stress eating a mountain of chocolate and strict border closures, almost all of my writing, health and travel plans were soon jettisoned.

Even for me — someone who loves goals so much I have written a book about goal setting — this was disheartening. You too may be discouraged by your lack of 2020 success. Perhaps you have already failed at your New Year’s resolutions this year. Or maybe you don’t believe there is any point to planning anything in these crazy times.

Whatever the reason…

A deadly new virus. Worldwide lockdowns. A race to find a vaccine. It sounds like a tag line for gripping Hollywood movie, perhaps starring Will Smith or one of the Hemsworth brothers. Instead it is a description of our real life. Of 2020. It is not a work of fiction but a reality show played out on news networks around the world.

As I write this, in December 2020, the world is dealing with the largest global pandemic we have seen in our lifetimes. The virus that has swept the world has driven dramatic changes in how we work, live…

When I wrote my first book, Easy Peasy Potty Training, all I wanted to do was fulfill a lifelong dream of being an author. Once it was published, I thought I could sit back on my laurels, satisfied. After all, I’d achieved my big, hairy, audacious goal.

I had no idea that writing my first book would unleash the creative genie. There was no way it was going to be vanquished back into its bottle after that. I was carried away into the most magnificent creative adventure. One book led to another and then another. I blinked, five years went…

Best-selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert said in her Magic Lessons podcast that creativity is an irrational act. Essentially you are saying that you are going to take the single most valuable commodity you have — the irreplaceable currency of time — and devote it to making something that nobody wants, that nobody asked you to do, that nobody is waiting for, that might not work, and that you might not even like. Why in the world would you do that?

Creativity is far from self-indulgent or trivial. There are actually many noble reasons to create. Deciding to embark on a hard…

A while back, I was invited to my daughter’s kindergarten for a parent-only event. The teachers wanted to discuss a lecture they were giving on a particular area of child-led learning they were introducing. This did not sound exciting and I am guessing the teachers knew that. To entice us along they promised a relaxed evening including something called ‘chocolate meditation’. I didn’t know what that was but it was a combination of two things I loved. I was in!

The whole experience is worth remembering as it forced me to slow down, to truly rest. …

I gulp down self-help books at any opportunity, always devouring at least one bite-sized gem of wisdom and sometimes a whole smorgasbord of pertinent advice.

After being moved by researcher and storyteller, Brené Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability, I read not one, not two, but four of her books.

Like so many other volumes on personal development, there are many quotable aphorisms and key lessons. Some pages are almost entirely covered in highlighter! However, what makes Brené Brown’s books different is the embracing of seemingly contradictory ideas.

In her TED talk, Brené Brown said that she didn’t want to believe…

It felt like a kick to the gut to see a two-star review on my book, Find Your Purpose in 15 Minutes. I didn’t read the review at first, just noted the two-star rating which on the 1 to 5 rating scale can only be described as pretty dismal.

The two-star review was left at the start of the year. The intervening months have given me time to reflect on my knee-jerk negative emotional reaction to it. Surprisingly, I have done a complete turnaround and decided I like this so-called ‘bad’ review. No, I love it.

Here are three reasons…

On a quiet Friday in May 2008, a work colleague, on a whim, decided at lunchtime to buy an extra burger when she visited a certain worldwide fast-food establishment… and not eat it.

It has been kept in its original packaging in a desk drawer for the past 12 years, only brought out occasionally to stun and bemuse people with the bizarre science experiment.

This burger, for the longest time, looked as pristine as the day it was bought. …

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It is late April 2020 as I am writing this blog post. The global pandemic of coronavirus and the disease it causes, known as covid-19, has so far infected millions and killed thousands of people all around the world.

The response here in New Zealand has been an almost total lockdown that has so far lasted a month. A nationwide quarantine that has resulted in a significant change to our daily lives. Schools are shut. Businesses are closed. We are to keep our distance from others not in our immediate ‘bubble’ at all times. And we have been strongly urged…


Julie is an author, speaker and mama of two beautiful, tiny humans. Connect with her at and find out how to rediscover your sparkle today.

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