3 Helpful Discoveries That Celebrate Failure

1) Failure Is a Chance to Learn What Doesn’t Work

When billionaire business owner, Sara Blakely was a child, her father would ask over dinner what her and her siblings failed at that week. If they didn’t have something to report, he was disappointed. To him, if they weren’t failing, they weren’t trying.

2) Failing Is The Only Way to Get Over the Fear

Understandably, goal setting is associated with a fear of failure. You may set a goal that does not work out. This can mean a loss of time that could have been spent on something else, a loss of money, even a loss of something bigger — a house, a business, friends, your reputation in the community. Of course you fear failure if you associate it with loss in this way, but there are ways to look at failure that don’t have such serious implications.

3) The Most Successful People Have Failed

All the most successful people have failed. Failed big time. Failure means that you are playing this game called life, not sitting on the sidelines. This list may help you feel better about any of your failures:

  • J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscript was rejected by all 12 major publishers.
  • Elvis Presley failed an audition to become part of a vocalist quartet as he was told he ‘couldn’t sing’.
  • Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas’.
  • George Lucas’ script for Star Warswas turned down by two major film studios, and 20thCentury Fox only took it on because of his exemplary reputation even though they didn’t understand it.
  • Michael Jordan, at 15, was passed up for his high school basketball team.

Celebrate Failure

I am so happy I discovered that failure is merely a way to see what doesn’t work and decide on a new course of action, that surviving failures helps me overcome my fears and that all the best people have failed big time.



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